Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission (MCRC)

On January 12, 2021, the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission (MDCRC) was established by Governor Larry Hogan (read the announcement here). This commission is exclusively made up of citizens who are charged with submitting a set of election maps to the General Assembly for both our Congressional and state legislative districts. The commission is made up of three democrats, three republicans, and three independent members.

MCRC members:

Dr. Kathleen Hetherington (I), Co-Chair 

Walter Olson (R), Co-Chair

Judge A. Williams, Jr. (D), Co-Chair

Jay V. Amin (I)

Cheryl Brooks (D)

Mary G. Clawson (R)

Kimberly Rose Cummings (R)

Jonathan Fusfield (I)

William Tipper Thomas, III (D)

The MCRC is holding numerous meetings for the public to attend and voice their opinions about how the election maps should be drawn. Review their public meeting process and procedures guide.

Legislative Redistricting Advisory Commission (LRAC)

On July 8, 2021, Maryland’s Senate President, Bill Ferguson and House Speaker Adrienne Jones announced the formation of a second redistricting commission. This bipartisan commission is made up entirely of sitting legislators, apart from the chair, who is the former executive director of the nonpartisan Department of Legislative Services in Maryland. There are seven members total, five democrats and two republicans.

LRAC members:

Karl S. Aro, Chair

Senate President Bill Ferguson

House Speaker Adrienne A. Jones

Senator Melony Griffith

Senator Brian W. Simonaire

Delegate Jason C. Buckel

Delegate Eric G. Luedtke

The LRAC will hold a total of twelve in-person and virtual meetings to hear from the public. Ten of these meetings will be held in person around the state, and two will be virtual. Review their guidelines for public hearings and submission of testimony/maps.

Testify an upcoming redistricting hearing