About Us

The People’s Map MD is a campaign led by the Tame the Gerrymander (TTG) coalition. TTG is made up of grassroots organizations who are working to ensure that the election maps for the coming decade maximize the voice of the people, and every Marylander’s vote is equal.

The People’s Maps MD campaign aims to help you share your community’s special needs with the map drawers so that the ties that bind our communities together can be identified and protected.

Join the Campaign!

We’re always looking to work with organizations in Maryland that are dedicated to establishing a fair redistricting process in the state. If you are interested in joining the campaign, please complete this form below and someone from the coalition will be in touch. We’ll help you:

  • Energize individuals and communities to actively engage in redistricting activities while prioritizing historically underserved communities;
  • Facilitate public advocacy for fair mapping by equipping communities to develop their own maps through targeted training; and by
  • Provide coordination and support for communications with the state legislature and other political entities

Our Work Over the Last Decade

2020: Our coalition worked with both sides of the aisle championing Senator Mary Washington and Delegate Jheanelle Wilkins’ Fair Maps Act which would have created clear rules for congressional redistricting as well as the Independent Redistricting Commission model proposed by Governor Hogan in the Redistricting Reform Act of 2020. Dozens of volunteer advocates lobbied with us in Annapolis hoping to push these bills out of committee and onto the floor before the General Assembly abruptly adjourned to safeguard against the onset of COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 was important year for public education on how an accurate and complete Census is critical to an ensuring our redistricting process fully represents our citizens. Our team worked to get out the count, many serving in leadership roles on the statewide Complete Count Committee as well as local committees throughout the state.

2019: Tame the Gerrymander returned to the Supreme Court in 2019 with friends from all over the United States to ask the Court to finally deem political gerrymandering unconstitutional when Benisek v. Lamone was revisited alongside League of Women Voters, Common Cause v. Rucho. The Court left this responsibility to the states, so we headed into 2020 with a renewed plan to push for legislative action.

2018: We gave Maryland’s Congressional districts a voice in front of the Supreme Court as the oral arguments were being held on Benisek v. Lamone on March 28th, and we hosted Bad Gerry’s Birthday Bash: A Faire Maps Event on July 15th, with educating the public through games and providing tools to enable grassroots advocates continue the fight for fair maps!

2017: Hosted the Gerrymander Meander 2 celebrating Elbridge Gerry’s birthday and raising awareness by traveling 13 miles, through 1 county to 4 events crossing Congressional district lines 5 times, began a Selfie Petition in Order to Show the Maryland General Assembly the Face of Redistricting Reform in Maryland, and created a platform for Marylanders to tell us what THEY would do about gerrymandering in Maryland.

2016: Supported the reform legislation that resulted from the Governor’s Redistricting Commission’s comprehensive recommendations for Fair Maps.

2015: We saw our nominees from both LWVMD & Common Cause Maryland appointed to the Governor’s Redistricting Reform Commission, promoted and attended the Commission hearings, and published a recipe for Gerrymander Cake (yuck!).

2014: We sponsored a political cartoon contest in conjunction with our 2nd birthday party for Elbridge Gerry producing this thought-provoking design which demonstrates the importance of how the lines are drawn. AND we hosted probably the longest Gerrymander Meander on record – a 236-mile relay run around Congressional District 3 AND hosted a Redistricting forum with the Brody Institute for Public Policy at the University of Maryland – It was a busy year!

2013: Hosted the 1st ever birthday party for Elbridge Gerry, the Father of Gerrymandering, establishing a trend that has unified reformers across the nation in protest of gerrymandering on July 17th. We also supported bipartisan legislation to create a Task Force to study Redistricting Reform.

2012: Educated Marylanders by hosting a series of showings of “Gerrymander the Movie” statewide.

2011: Testified at public hearings on redistricting all around the state on the most recent set of district maps.